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Anti-Gravity Bots
EV2 places a floating mine that explodes in a chain reaction when she shoots it.
Death from Above
EV2 launches into the air, able to fire down upon enemies while they attack the taunting hologram, GiantEV2.
Proton Charge
EV2 blasts forth a powerful particle beam that melts her enemies.
EV2 repairs herself, rejuvinating her battle armor.
Proton Beam
A beam that zaps and slows enemies.
Reflect Beam
A wall that reflects enemy projectiles and launches an energized torpedo from node to node, detonating at each stop.
Buff Beam
A Beam that increases the attack speed and damage of all defenses in its path.
Weapon Manufacturer
A series of nodes that debuffs and damages enemies, while charging up the Atomic Launcher and Mega Death Laser pickups for Series EV2.
Abilities                                                          Defenses
Click on an Ability or Defense above to watch a preview.

Big Boy Passive
The first mine you place will be a Big Boy. Big Boy mine does +Y% of your Ability Power stat as added damage in double the area.
Dummies & Mines Skill Sphere
EV2’s Death From Above ability now spawns 4 of her mines in a + formation around the dummy.
Frosty Proton Passive
X% chance to freeze targets when the Proton Node does damage.
Skill Spheres and Passives

Click on a Skill Sphere or Passive above watch a preview. There are many more to find in game.

We're hard at work on a ton of new features in the studio! Stay tuned for a new enemy - The Siege Tank - new maps, new heroes, a server browser, more incursions, the all-important Strategic Revamp, and more!

Who will you choose to join the fight? Now that Series EV2 is finishing up, the Gun Witch and Lavamancer are on their way! Only you can decide who will come next -- The Barbarian, The Man & Machine, or The Mystic. Preview these heroes, then play every day to earn points, and vote online or in the launcher! Voting will begin Friday, May 13th!